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Our family started in the vacuum industry with our dear ol’ dad (Dave) back in 1972.  While selling carpeting he saw a continual issue of carpet “uglying out” prematurely.  The problem was inferior cleaning ability of vacuums to deep clean carpet to remove fiber damaging debris & lifting carpet pile to restore the look. (Still the #1 cause of carpet replacement today.)  So dad set out on his quest in the vacuum industry. 

Along the way mom (Pat) and all 6 of their children got “sucked” into the vacuum industry.  Dad and mom have retired and are enjoying life with grandkids and great-grand kids. Today the shop is owned by three of their kids Paul, Liz and Dave Jr. who have worked with mom and dad for the last 27 years.
“Our goal remains the same. To be the store we would do business with.”
When you buy a vacuum From Arvada Vacuum You get great customer Service+Plus a whole lot more.

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