Central Vacuums

Central Vacuums are vacuums built in to your house. They consist of three basic components.

1. The Power Unit (creates the suction and catches the dirt ) .

2. Piping system and inlets Inlets (valves) are the connections in the wall where you plug the hose into.

3. Hose Kit which includes your hose (typically 35ft.) Power nozzle and Cleaning attachments. 

Central Vacuums can be installed in new construction and most existing homes. The Power Unit is installed in a garage, basement or utility room. Specialized pipe and low voltage wire are installed through interior walls, crawl spaces, attics and basements connecting the power unit to the inlets. A general guide is one inlet per 600 square feet of living space.
There are many great benefits to a central vacuum system. Their larger motors create up to 5 times more suction than conventional vacuums. And because the power unit is located outside the living area, it does not exhaust inside the house stirring up dust and allergens. 

Sirena Vacuums

Riccar is driven by one passion –  making world-class vacuums.  Other companies focus on selling the most vacuums.  Riccar puts the emphasis on selling the most incredible vacuums. Riccar designs, engineers & assembles their upright vacuums in St. James, Missouri, USA.  They experience the same cleaning situations at home as you & I do and bring this first-hand knowledge of American homes to work every day to give their best. Performance  -  Quality -  Durability -  Dependability

Miele Vacuums


Specialty Products

We have a variety of specialty vacuums to meet those niche areas in the home.  From steam cleaners, Shampooers,  portable vacuums.

German engineering that doesn’t require full coverage insurance. Dressed in “Miele” red their new flagship line the HomeCare collection is available exclusively at Miele’s independent retailers. Offering enhanced product features, powerful suction, superior quality and exclusive Airclean Sealed HEPA Filtration System there is a Miele perfect for your home. As Miele says “Immer Besser” Forever Better

Dyson Vacuums


Royal Shampooer

If you have kids, pets or a husband having a shampooer in the closet is great for quick clean up of life’s daily messes.
Royal shampooers are light weight, easy to use and easy to clean. And it has a 3 year warranty which is longer than most other shampooers last.

Riccar Vacuums

Harness the power of nature! Sirena is the culmination of modern design and engineering, built on years of experience.  Sirena offers the most powerful, most effective and most economical choice for consumers who care about their indoor environment.

Other products may look like Dyson machines, but they don’t work like them. With Dyson’s cyclone technology, better filter system, ball design & 5 yr warranty they truly offer the best bagless upright in the industry.

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The reality is everybody needs them and everybody hates shopping for them.  We want  to change that!  We love vacuums and we love our customers.  We educate and ask the questions to help find the best vacuum for you and your home.  Our goal is to give you the best experience today and years to come.